The Benefits of Having an Automatic Gate When Owning a Horse

Electric security gates at an apartment complex in Durham, North Carolina.

Automatic gates have witnessed growing popularity over the past couple of years. Whether you are looking to increase your security or simply adding some cool features to your house, installing an automatic gate is going to be worth your investment.  Not only do these systems offer security and appeal but also convenience … Read more

Horse Riding Can be a Fun Family Hobby

a group of people riding horses, forest trail, trees

In our modern digital age, where children, teens, and other family members are constantly staring at screens and sending out texts, parents are sometimes anxious to find a hobby that will get them outside and off the sofa. And it’s often difficult to find something that will pique the interest of the … Read more

The Best Horse Themed Movies of All Time

The Best Horse Themed Movies of All Time

Horses are majestic creatures. It’s no wonder that lots of equine-centric flicks were produced to showcase their adventure, speed, and unique characteristics and personality. From beloved classics to horse racing epics and big-budget action films, many of these movies enjoyed massive success and won the hearts of the viewers. So, if you’re … Read more

Signs Your Horse Trusts and Likes You


One of the greatest joys of horseback riding is developing a relationship and bond with your horse outdoors. You love your horse and you would not trade them for the world. And maybe you are wondering if your horse likes and loves you back. What you may not probably know is that … Read more

Best Oils For Horse Massage

Best Oils For Horse Massage

Your equine friend does a lot of you, so it only fits to return the favor and provide the little extra pampering they deserve. Whether it’s showering them with kisses, giving them their favorite treats, or scratching their itches, it’s okay to spoil your horse from time to time. But to level … Read more

When Should You Get Your Cat Neutered?

When Should You Get Your Cat Neutered

If you own a cat, chances are you have heard a lot of good things about neutering. For those who do not know a thing about it, neutering is the process of surgically preventing your canines from reproducing. In male cats, the operation is referred to as castration, whereas for females, it … Read more