Treats You Can Make Your Horse at Home

horses in a farm

If you own a horse, you’ve probably noticed how most commercial treats contain too much sugar, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients that may not be well-suited for your horse. If you are worried about your horses’ health with the treats that they eat, we’re here to help you. You can find lots … Read more

Beer to Serve at Country Club

assorted glass bottles and a can of beer

Beer and clubs have been synonymous for many years, and while a country club is a far cry from the conventional locations where alcoholic beverages are consumed, it is still a club. What type of club would it be if no one was drinking a beer or two? A favorite summer pleasure … Read more

The Most Expensive Horses of All Time

Horses on a grassland

Horses are known for being one of the most majestic creatures to live on our planet; they have a strong body, along with a gentle and calm behavior. In addition to this, horses are capable of working on various types of jobs, and transportation is among the most common. For many years … Read more

What Type Of Ceilings Are Best For Acoustics?

Oh, the noise! Kitchen appliances whirring, teenagers blasting music, your child’s all-time favorite horse-themed movie playing in the next room – It’s mind-numbing, distracting noise. Acoustic drop ceiling tiles can help absorb sound and reduce echo while also preventing sound from migrating to adjacent rooms in home theaters, media or game rooms, … Read more

Benefits of Knowing How to Ride a Horse in Survival Situations

a horse running on sand

Life is not always a bed of roses. There can be several unexpected situations that life throws at you, including being stranded in the wild somewhere while on an adventure or any natural calamity. Preparedness is the key to leading a peaceful life. Knowing that you cannot control or predict the upcoming … Read more

Track Room Ideas For a Garage

Window beside the bed

If you have always wanted more space in your home, you can consider converting your garage into a track or spare room. A two-car garage can give you around 600 square feet of additional living space. You can convert it into a storage space or into a room for working, relaxing, or … Read more

The Benefits of Having an Automatic Gate When Owning a Horse

Electric security gates at an apartment complex in Durham, North Carolina.

Automatic gates have witnessed growing popularity over the past couple of years. Whether you are looking to increase your security or simply adding some cool features to your house, installing an automatic gate is going to be worth your investment.  Not only do these systems offer security and appeal but also convenience … Read more

Horse Riding Can be a Fun Family Hobby

a group of people riding horses, forest trail, trees

In our modern digital age, where children, teens, and other family members are constantly staring at screens and sending out texts, parents are sometimes anxious to find a hobby that will get them outside and off the sofa. And it’s often difficult to find something that will pique the interest of the … Read more

The Best Horse Themed Movies of All Time

The Best Horse Themed Movies of All Time

Horses are majestic creatures. It’s no wonder that lots of equine-centric flicks were produced to showcase their adventure, speed, and unique characteristics and personality. From beloved classics to horse racing epics and big-budget action films, many of these movies enjoyed massive success and won the hearts of the viewers. So, if you’re … Read more

Best Diet For Your Horse

a brown horse eating grass

Horses are herbivores that have a particular diet. Their food must be high in fiber to keep their long and sensitive digestive tract working. They should eat little and often, almost all day long.  Evaluating Body Condition If you plan to raise a horse, you must know its diet, behavior, and the … Read more