Signs Your Horse Trusts and Likes You


One of the greatest joys of horseback riding is developing a relationship and bond with your horse outdoors. You love your horse and you would not trade them for the world. And maybe you are wondering if your horse likes and loves you back. What you may not probably know is that … Read more

How to Choose a Horse

How to Choose a Horse

Buying a horse is undoubtedly an exciting time and horse riding can become a favorite hobby. However, owning this magnificent and beautiful animal is a huge commitment that will last for years to come. It’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly so that you wouldn’t feel any remorse. You need to do … Read more

Why are Horses Good for Therapy?

A man riding a horse during therapy

Ever heard of an equine therapy? If you are a person who is in need of a companion and an activity to unwind, equine therapy might just do the job. Many people are probably not aware of the therapeutic powers of equines, such as a horse, but many studies already have solid … Read more

Tips for Choosing a Pony for a Child

A white Highland Pony

As a horse lover, it would be nice to own a horse not just for yourself but also for your kid. Horses are gentle creatures, and they offer a great bonding time with your loved ones. However, as gentle as they may, choosing the right horse, especially for a child would not … Read more