Treats You Can Make Your Horse at Home

horses in a farm

If you own a horse, you’ve probably noticed how most commercial treats contain too much sugar, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients that may not be well-suited for your horse. If you are worried about your horses’ health with the treats that they eat, we’re here to help you. You can find lots … Read more

Best Diet For Your Horse

a brown horse eating grass

Horses are herbivores that have a particular diet. Their food must be high in fiber to keep their long and sensitive digestive tract working. They should eat little and often, almost all day long.  Evaluating Body Condition If you plan to raise a horse, you must know its diet, behavior, and the … Read more

Safety Precautions at a Horse Stable

A horse inside a stable

Having a horse to pet and take care of is indeed a relaxing and worthwhile experience. Horses are gentle creatures that have been a significant part of society ever since ancient times. And people are most likely knowledgeable of how to tame, train, and take care of this magnificent animal.  However, despite … Read more

Best Oils For Horse Massage

Best Oils For Horse Massage

Your equine friend does a lot of you, so it only fits to return the favor and provide the little extra pampering they deserve. Whether it’s showering them with kisses, giving them their favorite treats, or scratching their itches, it’s okay to spoil your horse from time to time. But to level … Read more

Foods That You Should Never Offer To Your Horse

Offer To Your Horse

Horses may seem mighty and bulky but they have a tricky and sensitive gastrointestinal system. If you’re fond of giving them treats, be mindful not all foods are safe for horses. Offering them the wrong thing can quickly lead to an array of health problems, some of which can be life-threatening issues. … Read more

How Much Land Do You Need For a Horse?

A mare and a foal on a pasture

Horses are often considered a pet for the rich. They require a high amount of maintenance, mainly because of their beautiful hair and complicated diet. As most of us know, horses are excellent runners, thanks to their sturdy legs. One common feature of a horse is it makes a great mode of … Read more

Why are Horses Good for Therapy?

A man riding a horse during therapy

Ever heard of an equine therapy? If you are a person who is in need of a companion and an activity to unwind, equine therapy might just do the job. Many people are probably not aware of the therapeutic powers of equines, such as a horse, but many studies already have solid … Read more