Learn Self Care Tips for the Avid Equestrian

No stress relief activity in the world will be of any help; if you are not taking care of yourself at the first place. Meditation will not benefit, if your sleep in insufficient. Similarly, working out once in a while won’t make you achieve your goals unless you are consistent and taking … Read more

Horse Riding Can be a Fun Family Hobby

a group of people riding horses, forest trail, trees

In our modern digital age, where children, teens, and other family members are constantly staring at screens and sending out texts, parents are sometimes anxious to find a hobby that will get them outside and off the sofa. And it’s often difficult to find something that will pique the interest of the … Read more

Tips on How to Safely Ride a Horse in the Mountains

Girl riding a horse

Like in every sport or activity, riding a horse has a certain degree of risk, and depending on what you do, the risk may be lower or greater. This is because horses are living beings that can get frightened and show unpredicted behavior that could cause the rider to lose his balance … Read more

Precaution to Take When Riding a Horse

Two men on a horse race

Like in every activity and sports, horse riding comes with a certain degree of risk. Nevertheless, the risk it could cause you may be greater or lower, depending on what you do. What everyone should understand is that a horse is a living creature that has unpredictable behavior. If it gets frightened, … Read more

Why are Horses Good for Therapy?

A man riding a horse during therapy

Ever heard of an equine therapy? If you are a person who is in need of a companion and an activity to unwind, equine therapy might just do the job. Many people are probably not aware of the therapeutic powers of equines, such as a horse, but many studies already have solid … Read more

What are the Benefits of Horseback Riding?

Equestrians of a Portuguese school

The advanced technology in our modern world offers various means of transportation. The fascinating development of our transportation methods, which usually involves complex machineries. It allows us to cope with the fast-paced environment we are living in today. However, many of us didn’t get the chance to witness the old-fashioned way of … Read more